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Get answers to all your frequently asked questions– and, if you need greater support, our local experts are just a quick call away at 1-306-457-2443



If you're travelling outside of Canada, let us know!

Your cards and related transactions are constantly monitored to guard against fraudulent and unauthorized activity. If transactions considered outside your normal spending patterns are detected, your card may be blocked. Normally this is a great service to prevent fraud - but having your card blocked while on vacation can be frustrating. To avoid that inconvenience, simply let us know about your out-of-country travel plans ahead of time and we'll ensure your card doesn't get blocked.

If you plan to use your MemberCard while traveling, please let us know:

    • Call us at 306 457 2443

    • Visit any us in branch.

If you plan to use your Collabria Credit Card while travelling, notification of travel plans can be done in one of two ways:

    • By Phone: please call Collabria Member Services at 1-855-341-4643 to advise them of your travel plans (The number can also be found on the back of your card), OR

    • Visit MyCardInfo: simply log into MyCardInfo, choose "Account Services", then "Travel Center" to enter your travel plans.

If you have any questions, we'd love to help! Give us a call at 306 457 2443

Yes!  We have an ATM in the Stoughton branch lobby that is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.  You may withdraw cash, deposit cheques & cash, check balances, transfer funds between accounts and re-pin your card.  You may also visit to find the nearest Credit Union while you are out of town.
Login into your Online Banking and immediately lock your card with the Lock'N'Block feature to prevent any unauthorized usage.  Call us in branch at 306 457 2443 and we can further assist you.  If it is after hours please call:

Collabria- Canada and US       1-855-341-4643

Collabria- International Collect 1-647-252-9564

Membercard                             1-888-277-1043

Membercard Outside
Canada or Continental USA     1-905-305-4909

Yes.  All Point of Sale (POS) transactions are $0.75 each.  Call or visit us in branch and we can assist you with a service package that suits your needs.  We offer monthly service packages that range from 8 free debit items to unlimited debits.

Online Banking

2-Step Verification replaces the use of security questions and answers with dynamically generated one-time verification codes. The codes are sent by SMS text message or by email to a mobile phone number or an email address.

When logging in to online banking members will be presented with an Enable 2-Step Verification enrollment screen. This screen will briefly describe what 2-Step Verification is and allows them to register a mobile phone number or an email address where one-time verification codes will be sent during step-up authentications.

There will be a brief period where members are given the option of selecting Not Now on the enrollment screen. Selecting the option to not enroll now lets the member continue with the security questions for a period of time.

Once a member has entered a mobile phone number or an email address, they can select its corresponding Send Code option to submit the registration.

After successfully enrolling in 2-Step Verification, whenever authentication is stepped up for high-risk logins, members are presented with the Enter Your Verification Code verification screen. At this time, a verification code is sent to them through either the mobile phone or email address that they registered during the enrollment process.

Members are allowed three attempts to enter the verification code before the member’s account is locked. For locked accounts, the member should contact their local branch.

Will duplicate verification code notifications be sent both by SMS and email when I have both a mobile phone number and an email address registered under 2-Step Verification?

No. During each stepped-up authentication where a member has multiple notification channels registered, the user will be presented with a Select Verification Method screen where they must select which channel (SMS or email) they wish to be notified through.

How long before a verification code notification expires and is no longer valid?

The verification code is valid for 10 minutes from the time it is generated. If the code is entered and submitted after that time, an error message will be displayed.

Your Login ID is your 12 digit Membercard® number and your passcode must consist of 5-8 digits.  No letters or symbols will be acccepted.

Begining Monday, April 24th your passcode must consist of 9-30 characters.  It must also be a combination of letters, symbols and numbers.  The only acceptable characters are:  @ # $ - | !

Passcodes expire after 365 days.  You will not receive a warning prior to it expiring, but will prompted to change when needed.  
You likely have Quickview enabled on your Mobile App.  To correct, you need to login to desktop, navigate to Account Services > Mobile Banking App and remove all registered devices.  Next, you will have to call us and we will unlock you.  
Yes.  Setting up scheduled payments is great for managing your bills & payments.

Login to Online Banking via a desktop computer.  Navigate to 'payments' and select 'Schedule Recurring Payment'.  Simply fill in the information and select 'scedule'.  You may also view your recent & scheduled payments on this screen. 

Mobile App
Login to the SCU app and select the 'Pay Bills' square.  Enter in the information for your bill payment and under the amount you may select from 'now', 'later' or 'recurring'.  Select 'recurring' and you may now choose your payment frequency.
Login to Online Banking and navigate to 'payments'.  
Select 'Add/Delete Payee'.  Here you will be able to delete a payee no longer needed, or you may select 'Add Payee' (above your current payees)
Mobile App
Login to the SCU App and select to 'Pay Bills'.  
Select 'Manage Payees' on the top bar.  Here you are able to delete a payee or add payee.  
*Search Tip*  If you 'browse' instead of a searching payee name you are able to find an alphabetical list of vendors.  Select 'browse by Miscellaneous' (desktop) or 'Miscellaneous' on the Mobile App.  You will also find CRA payments in this section.  
Maximum amount per... Send limits  Receive  Request
per transaction $3,000 $25,000 $3,000
daily $10,000 no limit  
7 days $10,000 no limit  
30 days $20,000 no limit  

Small Business Online Banking offers the same features as personal online banking, with the addition of powerful features to help you save time and stay on top of your cash flow:

  • Delegate others to view business accounts and/or initiate transactions
  • Consolidate your accounts so that you can see your business and personal accounts using a single login
  • Manage dual signers on business accounts that require two people to approve payments and transfers
Learn more

Other Services

Stoughton Credit Union has different sized safe deposit boxes (or safety deposit box) available for rent for a yearly fee.  The individual secured containers are held within our vault at the Stoughton branch.  Typically members store important documents or valuables that they want to keep secure and confidential.  Contact us for yearly fees and availability.  Additional fees may apply for lost keys and/or to drill box.


·     Secure one-way access deposit bin for members to safely deposit cash or cheque items after hours.

·     Items are held in a fire proof vault until removed and processed under dual-custody the next business day.

·     Cloth and disposable bags are available.

Note: this service is available only at our Stoughton branch

To send a wire through Stoughton Credit Union we require the beneficiary name, civic address and account number.  We also require the destination branch name, civic address, route/transit, SWIFT code and IBAN (for International Wires)
To receive a wire through Stoughton Credit Union you will need to provide the sender your full name, civic address and account number.  You will also have to provide our Route/Transit and possibly SWIFT code.  For more information on receiving an International Wire please call us at 306 457 2443
The Stoughton Credit Union SWIFT code is CUCXCATTREG and our Route/Transit is 889-42838
Electronic Statements are environmentally friendly, reduce the risk of fraud & identity theft, you get earlier access vs mailing, and help you stay organized with no paper filing or shredding.  It's simple to opt out of paper statements.  Login into Online Banking (via desktop computer) and under 'Profile and Settings' click on 'Statement Preferences'.  Select 'Yes' to 'Opt out of paper statements'

To view your E-statements navigate to 'My Accounts' and click on 'View e-Statements'.  Select a date you want to view.  You will be available to view seven years of statements.
Note* E-Statements are only available to view through online banking on a computer.
For more information regarding QTrade and FAQ answers please visit the followling link
Route 889  Transit 42838

Fraud Prevention

The Country Blocking service allows the Credit Union to block countries and US states to reduce our exposure to fraudulent transactions.  The following countries and US states are known for a higher amount of fraudulent transactions and with that we have taken preventative measures to block cards for transactions.  If you have travel plans to any of these pleases let us know ahead of time so we can assist you.
Belarus, Burma, Central African Republic, Cote d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Australia, Philippines.
US States
New York, Maryland, California, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Arizona, Illinois
Phishing is a cyber criminal's attempt to get sensitive information by pretending to be a legitimate sender.  Some examples include, government organizations, finanical instituations, phone providers, streaming services, online stores and people you know.  Different types of phishing can be smishing (SMS or text messages), spear-phishing (personalized, targeted messages), whaling (messages targeted at executives) and spoofing (forged websites or phone numbers).

It's important to always read (and re-read) the message for anything strange, don't click on suspicious links or download unknown files and never share your password.  It doesn't hurt to be cautious.  If you are suspicious of a message, call the person or organization using their trusted number to double-check if the message is legit.  
If you are a victim of phishing it's important to notify us as soon as possible.  You should also change any affected passwords, enable multi-factor authentification (this adds an extra layer of security to your accounts and devices), check your device for viruses or other malware and report the incident to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, or calling 1-888-495-8501.  You may also report the incident to your local police department.
While the use of cheques has been declining with the growth of electronic and card payments, Canada still processes nearly one billion cheques every year.  There are a couple ways cheque fraud can happen.  Criminals can steal cheques, create fraudulent cheques or change the name and/or amount of a legitimate cheque.  
To protect your cheques from being used fraudulently, 
-Keep your cheques in a secure location, 
-Review your bank statment regularly through Online banking
-Shred any cheques for closed accounts
-Consider using electronic payments such as wire payments, direct deposit, pre-authorized payments for bills or 
e-Transfers.  These are all more secure options then cheques.
*Important Note*  You only have 48 hours after a fraudulent cheque has cleared your account to submit a return and receive funds back.
Contact us in branch as soon as possible if you believe your personal or financial information has been compromised.  Reaching out to us as soon as possible will help to ensure the security of your account.

Check out our Fraud Awareness page for more helpful information.  

Fraud Awareness Month

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Your card will work in most countries. Due to fraud trends, they may restrict transactions in certain countries. As a fraud protection measure, we strongly recommend that you call Cardholder Service at 1-855-341-4643 prior to your departure or utilize the travel form available online through MyCardInfo. When traveling internationally, please contact Cardholder Service at our international collect number, 1-647-252-9564.
MyCardInfo is Collabria's online account management tool where you can access your account 24/7.  You can register for an account for free as a cardholder.  With MyCardInfo you can check current balances, review recent activity, verify payments made, make a payment, view e-Statements and more.
When you receive your card you must activate it by calling the number on the sticker affixed to the front of your card.  Once your card is activated and you have received your PIN you can begin to use your card.
Please call Cardholder Service at 1-855-341-4643 immediatekly to report any fraud and also notify us in branch.
Yes!  Collabria offers SmartControls which enables to you monitor, control and protect your credit card activity.  It is user-friendly and allows you to select controls and alerts to match your lifestyle and needs.  You can customize and set up SmartControls via MyCardInfo, by clicking on Account Services > SmartControls > Create Profile.  
Yes!  Collabria offers generous rewars on various card products.  To see reward offerings on a specific card, select the 'Rewards' tab on the card information page.
Login to MyCardInfo 
-Select Payments underneath our logo and click on 'Payment Accounts'
-Select 'Add a payment account'
-Fill in the required information.  Account nickname (this can be anything you want), select the appropriate account type (chequing or savings), Transit Number and Financial Institution Number (42838-889) and your Account Number.
-Select 'Submit'
The Auto Pay feature allows you to have your credit card payments automatically deducted from your chequing or savings account every month and paid to your credit card. This automatic deduction from your bank account is called a pre-authorized debit. There are two options to choose from:


  • Minimum Payment Amount


The minimum payment amount shown on your last credit card statement will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month on the payment due date and paid to your credit card.


  • Full Balance


The full balance shown on your last statement will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month on the payment due date and paid to your credit card.