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Business Accounts

  • Monthly Maintence Fee $5.00
  • 8 debit transactions, additional debit fees apply
  • Interac/Cirrus fees apply
  • 1 free e-Transfer/month (rebated at end of month)
  • e-Transfer fees apply
  • Monthly Maitenance Fee $50.00
  • Interac/Cirrus fees apply
  • 5 free e-Transfers/month (rebated at end of the month)
  • 5 free requests/month (rebated at end of the month)
  • Earn interest (rates vary; please call or visit in branch)
  • e-Transfer fees apply
  • Monthly maintenance fee $15.00
  • 35 debit transactions, additional debit fees apply
  • 2 Free e-Transfer/month (rebated at end of the month)
  • Interac/Cirrus fees apply,  e-Transfer fees apply
  • $1.00/debit
  • Tiered Interest paid
  • Not available via Membercard®
  • Not eligible for e-Transfers
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  • Monthly maintenance fee $40.00
  • Interac/Cirrus fees apply
  • 5 free e-Transfers/month (rebated at end of the month)
  • 5 free Request/month (rebated at end of the month)
  • e-Transfer fees apply 
  • Monthly Maintenance fee waived
  • 25 debit transactions, addtional debit fees apply
  • Interac/Cirrus fees apply
  • e-Transfer fees apply
  • $1.00/debit 
  • 1 free transaction included
  • e-Transfer fees apply
  • In branch or electronic debit $5.00
  • 1 free transaction included
  • Not available on Membercard®

MemberDirect® Small Business Online Banking


MDSB is a smart, simple and stress-free financial option for business and organization online banking.  

Key Product features

Small Business Online Banking includes a range of features that make it a smart, simple, and stress-free financial option.

  • Account consolidation
    Signers can group up to three personal and small business accounts together to view account balances and conduct transactions between accounts using a single login.
  • Multiple user support
    You can add up to three delegate users. Profiles for delegates allow you to assign view only and initiator rights functions. Initiator rights allow a delegate to initiate transactions for the account signer(s) to approve, either online or via a smartphone or tablet.
  • Dual signature support
    With dual signature support, one signer can initiate a transaction and have another signer approve or decline a submitted transaction.
  • Mobile access
    You can view your accounts, make bill payments, transfers – including an Interac® e-Transfer – and deposit cheques on-the-go. Additionally, the Transaction Manager feature allows you to view, approve or reject tasks initiated by dual signers or delegates right from your mobile device.
  • Deposit Anywhere™
    Remotely deposit a cheque using your mobile device, from anywhere, day or night.
  • Online Banking Alerts
    Sign up to receive email and/or text alerts each time:
    A delegate or another signer on the account initiates a transaction requiring approval
    A transaction requiring approval is about to expire
  • Interac® e-Transfer with Support for Dual Signers
    Small Business Online Banking offers Interac® e-Transfer functionality, with the addition of dual signature support if you are accustomed to dual signer controls for your transactions.  Also with MDSB you will have the added benefit of greater e-Transfer limits.  Please see the FAQ below for your limits.

Learn more here with 
How to Get Started or our User Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

A delegate is someone such as an employee, bookkeeper or family member that you have granted permission to have access to your online business accounts.
When you create a delegate, you can specify which membership the delegate can access.  In Small Business Online Banking, you can allow the delegate to view your business membership but not your personal membership.
If you are a signer for an account, you can use the Transaction Manager feature with your mobile banking app or mobile web browser to review, approve or reject pending payments and transfers.
Account consolidation allows you to see all your business and personal membership accounts using a single login.
Consolidated accounts are only visible to the signer who combines them and to authorized delegates.
While your account and transaction information will be accessible via one login, the following services will only be accessible from the accounts you originally set them up in: e-Statements, e-Documents, Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) information and any personal messages we have sent to your account.
Per Transaction $10,000
1 day: $20,000
7 days: $30,000
Monthly: $40,000
Signers can see accounts visa the mobile web and mobile app.  Delegates can only access account information through our full online banking site.
If you require two people to approve payments and transfers, the dual signature feature enables one signer to initiate the transaction and another signer to approve or reject it.
You can choose to have up to three signers for one account, including yourself.  Our dual signature feature allows any two of the assigned signhers to act as dual signers for any single transaction.