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Who Are We?


Our Purpose

We will positively impact our community and make our members dreams come true

Our Vision

To be a local, democratically controlled, responsible, viable cooperative financial institution, that is responsive to the economic and social needs of current and potential members.

Our Mission 

To maintain and develop an organizational structure that attracts and maximizes the potential of all our human resources. To attract and retain sufficient capital through a variety of competitively priced products designed to meet members needs. To maximize use of capital for the benefit of members, security of capital, liquidity and return. To manage revenues and expenses in order to meet financial objectives of the Credit Union and its members. To develop the Credit Union and its services to meet the changing needs of members and potential members. To research and promote services that will develop the credit union and its members.


Our Values

We follow the seven Cooperative Principles:

  1. Voluntary and Open Membership  

  2. Democratic Member Control  

  3. Member Economic Participation  

  4. Autonomy and Independence 

  5.  Education, Training and Information 

  6.  Cooperation among Cooperatives and Concern for Community 

  7.  Communication


Annual Reports


                 Our History                                                                                                       

  • May 12 1960- Stoughton Credit Union was Incorporated

  • March 1964- Purchased First Permanent Location 

  • April 1966- August 1966- Started and Completed Construction on Brand New Office Building

  • 1971- Amalgamated with Kisbey Credit Union 

  • 1997- Interior Renovations of Stoughton and Kisbey Branches 

  • 2008- Absorbed Forget Credit Union and Their Members 

  • Spring of 2020 - Fall of 2020- Started and Completed Construction of Brand New Office Building in Stoughton